Sustainable Homes in the UAE: Investing in a Greener Future

A little more than a decade ago, Dubai had one of the most impactful environmental footprints of any other global city. The city now, however, is quickly gaining a reputation as the most sustainable in the world, and homebuyers and investors have the opportunity to be part of something that could change the present and the future, not just in Dubai but the city could set the example for everywhere else on...

Exploring Dubai’s Most Lush & Green Neighborhoods

People who are considering whether to buy townhouses in Dubai think of the area as a desert. Sandstorms swept through the hot afternoon sky and hot air greeted them everything they step outside. That’s not a realistic picture anymore. Dubai is a nature lover’s paradise full of luscious greens and breathtaking landscapes. This is all thanks to Dubai Municipality, which takes actions that create green...

Everything You Need to Know About Buying Off-plan Property in Dubai

Off-plan property is a very popular option for investors, especially those with attractive payment plans and discounted prices, and Dubai is one of the best places in the world to buy off-plan properties. An off-plan property can be very profitable when buyers make the necessary steps and research to protect themselves before buying. This article explains everything you need to know before buying an...

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